BUSINESS BRIEF: Wilmington Dental Practice Opens Clinic At New England Center for Children, Giving Kids With Autism Better Access To Dental Services

Below is a press release from New England Dental Group, which has a location in Wilmington on Ballardvale Street:

WILMINGTON, MA — New England Dental Group, a leading dental practice known for its commitment to high-quality oral care, has opened the Smigel Supersmile Dental Clinic at The New England Center for Children (NECC) school in Southborough. The Boston dentists explain that this collaboration allows children with autism better access to dental services, an area of healthcare that can be challenging due to their unique behavioral needs.

NECC is a global leader in autism education dedicated to providing specialized services for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Their comprehensive programs include day school, residential programs, treatment for severe behavioral challenges, and various therapies to improve the lives of individuals with autism. Recognizing the importance of oral health in the overall well-being of these children, NECC has partnered with New England Dental Group to offer dental services on-site.

“We are thrilled to extend our services to the remarkable community at The New England Center for Children,” said Dr. Margarita Panajoti, lead cosmetic dentist at New England Dental Group. “Our mission has always been to provide compassionate and top-tier dental care to individuals of all ages, and this partnership allows us to address the unique needs of children with autism.”

The newly opened dental clinic at NECC features a State-of-the-Art facility designed to create a comfortable and sensory-friendly environment for children with autism. New England Dental Group’s pediatric dentist Dr. Stephanie Shimizu is available twice per week at the clinic, helping patients from age 3 to 22 get the dental care they need. Her personal and professional experience working with children with autism has prepared her for the specialized care needed at the NECC clinic.

The New England Dental Group team is thrilled to open their new on-site dental clinic at The New England Center for Children. By providing accessible and specialized dental care, they believe this partnership will enhance the overall health and well-being of children with autism and their families.

About New England Dental Group

New England Dental Group is a full-service dental practice led by Margarita Panajoti, DMD. The team offers comprehensive dental care that ranges from general and restorative treatments to cosmetic and implant dentistry. Through their many office locations throughout the Massachusetts and New Hampshire regions, the dentists strive to help patients improve their oral health and achieve the beautiful smiles they deserve. The team is available for interview upon request.

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