Close Up Radio Spotlights Lara Schaeffer of Autism Discovery

Email us for help Loading… Premium support Log Out Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have changed. We think you’ll like them better this way. Call-in by telephone to speak with the host (347) 996-3389 Log-in to call free of charge through your device Direct Connect Springfield, NJ – Lara Schaeffer is a top-notch Certified Autism Specialist, a highly sought after keynote speaker, and the founder of Autism Discovery. Lara helps autistic teens and adults of all ages to better understand themselves, along with their strengths and challenges, so that they can begin to thrive and not just survive in a neurotypical world. Before she became a coach, Lara was a highly driven, well-loved high school English teacher who genuinely enjoyed engaging with her students. It wasn’t until the age of 47 that Lara herself learned she is autistic. She soon realized that many other individuals were struggling to make sense of their experiences in the world just as she had been. After forming her company Autism Discovery, she realized how important it was that she be able to be open to others about her autism, but following her instinct to be openly autistic meant she had to leave her teaching career in June of 2023. Still, Lara sees it as a silver lining that now she can help support more autistic individuals and spread autism awareness and acceptance more actively. Through a combination of goal-setting, coaching techniques, providing objective feedback, and asking insightful questions, Lara guides her clients to personal improvements. Her work with each client is highly individualized. She teaches the skills to empower her clients to overcome their fears and become more productive, positive, and confident. She also helps them lessen the insecurities and doubts that may have hindered them throughout their lives. Through her efforts, she strives to raise global awareness about neurodiversity and to help neurodivergent individuals live with more joy and clarity.. For more information, visit

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