Gingerbread and Snowman Fun! – The Autism Helper

While most everyone else you talk to is living for summer to come back around, I love this weather and I LOVE this time of year! There’s something so whimsical about Gingerbread houses, snowmen, candy canes and sugar cookies. This year my students and families have been working on decorating felt snow and gingerbread men using core and fringe boards and of course the Easy Weekly Workbooks-Winter Edition. Keep scrolling for some winter ideas and a free gingerbread core & fringe board! Winter Edition Weekly Workbooks I cannot say enough about the weekly workbooks. They are my go-to when introducing activities to young children and children who have not yet learned the skill of basic matching. These books contain errorless activities that allow students to learn the skill of completing a task without making an error. Sometimes I will even start with a page of errorless to create behavior momentum and a feeling of success! If it’s a brand-new skill we are working on, I will usually have all of the pieces and hold one up one at a time to my face and label it then hand it to the student and/or model how to place it on the page. Some students have never used Velcro or matched like this so it’s important to show how to put them on the page! The fact that these books are themed…just icing on the holiday cookie! Winter Felt Art! I found these awesome felt art winter themed activities at the Dollar Tree! You do not need to go out and buy things each season however, sometimes I will because it’s one less thing I must prep which takes hours! I also like how you could put some Velcro on the pieces and use this activity over for multiple groups or a circle time activity.  You could read “The Gingerbread Man” and then make these fun felt projects after!  If you do not have the felt version, print one off and use scraps of art paper to decorate!  Click here for a free Gingerbread core & fringe board I created! Snowman Activity & Adapted Book This year I paired the adapted book, “What is the Snowman Wearing” with the felt activity from the Dollar Tree.  You could easily get even more creative and cut out different colored hats and scarves to go along with the book! You can find this book here. Happy Winter Teaching!  Gingerbread and Snowman Fun! – December 14, 2023 Scarecrows, Turkey Cookies & Thanksgiving Plates! – November 9, 2023 Embracing the Magic of Fall in the Classroom – October 12, 2023

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