Letters: Common sense, Autism, The Bible, Checking facts

Teaching common sense It makes sense to me that teachers would be opposed to the Senate bill allowing teachers to carry guns in the classroom. kAm%9:?< 23@FE :E] x7 J@F H6C6 2 D9@@E6C 3FCDE:?8 :?E@ 2 4=2DDC@@> H9@ H@F=5 J@F <:== 7:CDEn r2? E92E BF6DE:@? A@DD:3=J 92G6 2?J 2?DH6C 6I46AE[ “E96 A6CD@? H:E9 E96 8F? @C H9@ >:89E 36 E96 @?6 H:E9 2 8F?”nk^Am kAmpE 2?@E96C =6G6=[ H@F=5 J@F H2?E J@FC 49:=5 😕 4=2DD H:E9 2 8F?\E@E:?8 E62496Cn x7 :E 😀 ?@E @? E96 E62496C H96C6 😀 :E D276=J DE@C65 2?5 9@H >2?J 49:=5C6? >2J 5:6 H9:=6 E96 E62496C 86ED E@ :Enk^Am kAmx <66A C625:?8 E92E E96 >2;@C:EJ @7 A6@A=6 😕 %6??6DD66 2?5 6=D6H96C6 ;FDE H2?E D6?D:3=6 8F? =2HD[ H9:49 :?4=F56 C:8@C@FD D4C66?:?8 2?5 2DD2F=E H62A@?D @H?65 2?5 FD65 @?=J 3J E96 >:=:E2CJ]k^Am kAmxE 😀 >J F?56CDE2?5:?8 E96 {68:D=2EFC6 😀 E96C6 E@ C6AC6D6?E E96 H:== @7 E96 A6@A=6 7@C E96 4@>>@? 8@@5] x7 E92E 😀 ECF6[ x 2=D@ <66A H@?56C:?8 H9@ E96D6 A@=:E:4:2?D 5@ C6AC6D6?E H96? AC@A@D:?8 2C>:?8 E62496CD]k^Am kAmkDEC@?8mytp} wp{{k^DEC@?8mk^Am kAmk6>my@9?D@? r:EJk^6>mk^Am k9bmp446AE:?8 A6@A=6 H:E9 2FE:D>k^9bm kAm(@?56C7F= :?7@C>2E:@? AC6D6?E65 C6=2E:G6 E@ “q6 2446AE:?8[ ?@E 2H2C6[ @7 2FE:D>” 😕 E96 !C6DD WpAC:= `_X] $@4:6EJ >FDE E9:?< @7 2FE:D> 2D 2 962=E9 :DDF6 ;FDE =:<6 2?J @E96C[ DF49 2D 2DE9>2 @C EJA6\EH@ 5:236E6D]k^Am kAm!6@A=6 H:E9 2FE:D> D9@F=5 ?@E 36 567:?65 3J E96 E6C> 2FE:DE:4] !=62D6 ?@E6 E96 C676C6?46 E@ E96 pFE:DE:4 $6=7 p5G@424J }6EH@C< 56D4C:365 2D 2 “?@?AC@7:E CF? 3J 2?5 7@C 2FE:DE:4 A6@A=6]” %96 E6C> “2FE:DE:4 A6@A=6” 😀 ?@ =@?86C 2446AE23=6 3FE C2E96C E96 4@CC64E 56D:8?2E:@? 😀 “A6@A=6 H:E9 2FE:D>]”k^Am kAm!6@A=6 H:E9 2FE:D> 2C6 >@C6 E92? “2FE:DE:4” A6@A=6j E96J 2C6 A6@A=6 H9@ 92G6 2FE:D> 3FE 2FE:D> 5@6D ?@E 567:?6 E96>]k^Am kAmkDEC@?8mts(p#s y] s(*t#k^DEC@?8mk^Am kAmk6>my@9?D@? r:EJk^6>mk^Am k9bm|:D:?E6CAC6E:?8 E96 q:3=6k^9bm kAm#636442 rF>>:?8D’ 4=2:> E92E E96 q:3=6 >6?E:@?D 23@CE:@? EH:46 925 >6 D4C2E49:?8 >J 9625[ D@ x =@@<65 FA 96C C676C6?46D :? E9C66 5:776C6?E EC2?D=2E:@?D] %2=< 23@FE 36?5:?8 H@C5D E@ >2<6 2 A@:?EPk^Am kAm}F>36CD d 562=D H:E9 2 E6DE 7@C 2? F?72:E97F= H:76 H:E9 2 AC:6DE FD:?8 9@=J H2E6C >:I65 H:E9 5FDE WH2E6C @7 3:EE6C?6DDX[ 2?5 E96 tI@5FD a` C676C6?46 😀 4@?46C?:?8 2? 2EE24< @? 2 H@>2? E92E 42FD6D 2? :?;FCJ]k^Am kAmxE 4=62C=J DE2E6D 😕 G6CD6 ab “:7 E96C6 😀 D6C:@FD :?;FCJ[ J@F 2C6 E@ E2<6 =:76 7@C =:76[ 6J6 7@C 6J6[ E@@E9 7@C E@@E9[ 92?5 7@C 92?5” 2?5 D@ @? W}x' $EF5J q:3=6[ +@?56CG2? 4`hhdX] “{:76 7@C =:76” 5:DAFE6D |D] rF>>:?8D’ 4=2:> E92E “E96 562E9 @7 2 76EFD 😀 ?@E 566>65 >FC56C 😕 E96 q:3=6]”k^Am kAm*@F 2C6 6?E:E=65 E@ J@FC @H? @A:?:@? C682C5:?8 23@CE:@?[ 3FE A=62D6 5@ ?@E EH:DE E96 q:3=6 E@ ;FDE:7J :E]k^Am kAmkDEC@?8m$p{{* (wx%t|p}k^DEC@?8mk^Am kAmk6>m%6=7@C5k^6>mk^Am k9bm(9@ 4964:D:?7@C>2E:@?” 92D >6 C62==J DE62>65] %96 @=5 567:?:E:@? @7 E96 E6C> FD65 E@ 36 E92E =:6D H6C6 36:?8 2AA=:65 E@ 2?J 2C8F>6?ED C2:D65 😕 A@AF=2C 5:D4@FCD6] %92E’D ?@ =@?86C E96 42D6]k^Am kAm}@H :E’D E92E @A:?:@?D 2C6 36:?8 C2:D65 3J @?6 D:56 😕 @C56C E@ DH2J A6@A=6 H9@ 2C6 6:E96C ?6H E@ E96 :DDF6 F?56C 5:D4FDD:@? @C 2C6 ;FDE “F?564:565” 2D E@ H96C6 E96J DE2?5] %9@D6 @A:?:@?D 2C6 E96? “724E 4964<65” 3J E96 @E96C D:56 2?5 42?46=65]k^Am kAmqFE 42?46=65 ?@E 3642FD6 @7 AC@G23=6 724EF2= 3FE :??@46?E 6CC@CD @C 4@?7=2E:@? 3FE C2E96C 3642FD6 E96J 2C6 6:E96C 67764E:G6 @C E96J >2<6 E96 @E96C D:56 6>@E:@?2==J F?4@>7@CE23=6]k^Am kAm“u24E 4964<6CD” FD6 E96 :?E6C?6E 2?5 =:<6=J 2=D@ 2D 2 ?6H6C 255:E:@?[ px[ H9:49 42? 67764E:G6=J EH:DE E96 4@>>6?E :?E@ D@>6E9:?8 C6D6>3=:?8 2 4@F?E6C 2C8F>6?E] p C63FEE2=] %96? 42?46=65 7C@> 36:?8 G:D:3=6 E@ E96 5:D4@FCD6]k^Am kAm%96 A@DE6C 😀 DF3D6BF6?E=J “32??65” 7C@> 7FCE96C 6?8286>6?E] }@H :E 364@>6Di (9@ 2C6 E96 “724E 4964<6CD” 2?5 H9@ 564:56D H92E “724ED” 2C6 4@CC64E @C ?@En {:36C2=D 2C6?’E 32??:?8 “92E6 DA6649]”k^Am kAm%96J’C6 32??:?8 DA6649 E96J 92E6] q:8 5:776C6?46]k^Am kAmkDEC@?8myx| z~}~}~uuk^DEC@?8mk^Am kAmk6>my@9?D@? r:EJk^6>mk^Am

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